10 things to do on Montjuic Mountain in Barcelona, Spain

Chances are you´ve seen Montjuic from the plane when you were just about to land in Barcelona airport and you flew along the coast. It´s located close Place Espana, meaning very easy to get to no matter where you are staying in the city. And there are so many things to do there that you can easily spend several days just exploring this one mountain. Here are my top 10 picks:


There is a cable car that crosses the harbour from Barceloneta to Montjuic – be.a.utiful views of the city from here! And then there is another one that goes up on Montjuic to the fortress on top of the hill. That one saves you the hike 😉

view from the cable car
view from the cable car

Poble Espanol

Yeah, so they rebuilt Spanish architecture from each state in one village and called it Poble Espanol. Meaning, you see what houses look like in Andalusia and turn around the corner and be in Catalonia. There are restaurants and little shops, and sometimes festivals and concerts on the square.


The National Museum of Art of Catalonia – free on Saturday afternoon and every first Sunday of the month. Even if you don´t care for art, you´ll want to walk up here (or take the escalators conveniently installed for your visit) to enjoy the view. Believe me, it is worth it.

Magic Fountains

The magic fountains remain one of my all-time favorite things to do in Barcelona. If you follow my blog, you will have read about them already in my Barcelona on a budget guide. If you haven´t: sign up now, so every new blog post goes straight to your inbox.

Check show times here, as they vary by season. It´s an experience of water, lights and music you really shouldn´t miss.

Magic Fountains Montjuic
Magic Fountains Montjuic

Rock Climbing

I love rock climbing and was so happy when I found a place in Barcelona that offered it! For those of you who are scared of heights or prefer outdoor recreation: there is also a public pool on Montjuic.


One day in the Spring we rented some e-bikes to go up the mountain and see the cemetery. The e-bikes were the best decision ever – we saw so much in a few hours and had a great time without the exhaustion of the usual sightseeing. Anyway, this graveyard fascinated me. Sharing some pictures here.

Olympic stadium

In 1992 Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games. The stadium is on Montjuic and now occasionally used as concert venue. Next to it you´ll see the artsy monument, supposedly representing an athlete bending forward to receive his medal. You tell me what you see.

Montjuic Barcelona

Castell de Montjuic

Another lucky find from e-bike day! The Castell is on the highest point of the Mountain, cheap to enter, teaches you some history AND offers great views both towards the city and beyond the airport and ports on the other side. To get here, you can also take the funicular (cable car) all the way up.

Castel de Montjuic

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens take part in free museum Sundays every first Sunday of the month. I thought it was cool, but then I like that kind of stuff. When I went, they had a Bonsai thing going on with a special exhibit.

Botanical Gardens Barcelona
Botanical Gardens Barcelona

Fundacio de Joan Miro

This one is for the art lovers. As simple as this building looks, a lot of thought went into it! Miro´s pieces are places in a space made to portrait them in their best light. Some of them on the accessible roof top. The view from the terrace is similar to the view from the MNAC. What´s not to love?

Fundacio Joan Miro
Fundacio Joan Miro

Which one of these sounds most interesting to you? What would you do if you have to only one or two things?

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