About Fernweh

My name is Christin. I travel.

A lot. And on my travels I see things that I want to share with the world, I meet people who’s stories I want to share and I learn about other places and cultures.

In the past ten years, I lived in many different countries and on a cruise ship. It has taught me so much I could not have learned any other way, breaking down prejudice and judgement.

5 in Brooklyn

With this blog I hope to inspire you with the joy of my travels, whether you have never left the country or share my passion. I hope to exchange stories and ideas, learnings and experiences. Let’s bring the world closer to home, so that one day we may live in a world of mutual respect, appreciating differences, equality and mindful reflection.

  • Are you longing to break out of your daily routine?
  • Do you want to just pack your bags and go somewhere new?
  • Would you like to see the whole world but don’t have the resources to do it yourself?
  • Not the time, nor the money nor the freedom to do so?

I hear ya’ . I am not rich, I don’t have more vacation days than anybody else but I am very lucky to have been born at the right place at the right time and own a European Union passport that opens doors many can only dream of. That knowledge combined with lots of deep routed wanderlust is why I blog.

So that I may share with you how with limited money and limited time it is possible to make the most out of the freedoms we have. So that we may never take them for granted.

I hope that you will gain new inspiration from this, motivation and most of all appreciation for the little things in the world around you. We don’t have to go far for a change of scenery. But each time it is an opportunity to reflect and mindfully chose your next steps.

Sounds like a plan?

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