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  1. Hey Christin, thanks for your recommendation. I wanted to do the tour you did today. Unfortunately the bus is only running on the weekends in off-season and the touristinformation was closed. So I waited for the bus and it did not come..then I walked the gr5 from the city but if you don’t want to walk 20km or more, it’s not a nice way and you don’t come to the nationalpark🙄
    just wanted to drop this information for other people.

    1. Hi Nick, thank you for your comment and making this point more clear. That’s too bad you were not able to get into the park today. Subject to change at discretion of Segales, the buses run on weekends and holidays all season (similar to the spring schedule shown in my post). The link to the tourist information homepage is in the post, there you can more easily check on current schedules. Here is the bus schedule until oct 6 2019 in pdf format: https://www.sagales.com/uploads/20190502090656_07da82d170fef9498d6ab2300dab8c9a1d68ac5b.pdf
      Hope that helps! Happy hiking!

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