I am a traveler, globetrotter, expat with an insatiable appetite for travel, currently based in Spain but I have lived in 8 countries including Canada and Germany.


  1. Yes! I digitize everything! I used to have piles of papers but decided one year to scan everything and be done with it. No I’m paper free 🙂

  2. I wish I was better at this!

    We moved to Canada last year, so I got rid of sooo much. But now we’ve been here for a while I seemed to have accumulated more “stuff.” I mean, some of it we kept hiring, so in the end it was cheaper to buy those things…but I do feel more tied down now. It’s good that blooming love living here!!

    It’s always easier with this kind of thing when you can rent a furnished place to live. We have a cat…and the only place we could find that would allow pets was unfurnished. Now I own a bed, table chair and a sofa in two countries. Doh!!

  3. Great post. I for one definitely think that less is more when it comes to belongings and clothing. I moved to the Netherlands at 18 with just a suitcase, however now my current appartment does have furniture that i own, but it’s easily sellable for when and if I decide to move.

    1. I love renting furnished apartments, but in some countries they are harder to find than others and you have to buy some. I once gave my furniture to a fellow couchsurfer so she could furnish a guest room that now welcomes travelers from all around the world. It‘s nice to think it came to good use that way!

  4. Oh how wonderful it would be if we could go back and live in many countries like you have. I think the ideas you have presented can definitely work for most people. I think the hardest part is the mental toughness behind it.

    1. It’s not for everyone, you are right. I feel rather flattered you consider it mental toughness 🙂 I have always thought of it more like a personality thing, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice to me. But of course there is nothing wrong with valuing a comfortable home with furniture you own and framed pictures on every wall and over choosing my life style!

  5. To be honest, never felt like it was even remotely possible to fit my life in a suitcase… but sure would give it a try. Definitely would help me travel more with lesser worries about the things I leave behind.

  6. Some good tips! I want to create a capsule wardrobe using some quality, well-made products. I’m thinking of traveling for a year and I want to make sure my stuff holds up.

    1. That is indeed the tricky part. I own some pieces that have been with me for years even though I wear them all the time and I have other pieces that I tend to replace frequently.

  7. What a powerful introductory quote – the life you want buried under all that “Stuff.” I’ve started a more minimalistic lifestyle and it’s been incredibly freeing. I currently house sit and work online, so the need to travel light is important. This is a great post and a mindset many could adopt!

  8. This is my first time hearing about capsule wardrobe and I’m happy to have stumbled across your shares! I’m actually hoping to go on a backpacking trip through SE Asia next year so these are definitely some awesome tips I’ll take with me

    1. that was perfect timing then 🙂 I remember when I first read about it and though it was such a genius idea I had to try it. Been hooked on it for over a year now and loving it. I wish you the most amazing time in South East Asia!

  9. I am trying to be a minimalist atleast when I am travelling.Hope to implement some of your ideas diligently.Some of them I already follow….Fingers crossed to achieve the goal 😀

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