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  1. ooh I have another recommendation! Although I don’t remember if it’s a fully vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona lol. But it’s called Brunch & Cake and it’s SO good! I mean, I remember the name even though I ate their two years ago, so that had to be a pretty awesome meal.

    1. that´s practically around the corner from my house! I´ve always liked their design and there seems to be a long queue all the time, so it seems the food must be excellent. They are not a fully vegetarian restaurant I believe, but still, thanks for the recommendation. I had two not so great experiences there, but maybe it´s time to give them another chance 🙂

  2. This is soooo helpful! We are planning to head back to Barcelona (well Catalonia, but I’m sure we’ll stop off in Barcelona) this autumn. Last time, I felt like I ate more meat than I’d ever had in my life! It’ll be good to know some veggy spots that I can recommend to my in-laws. 😉

    1. So glad this is a helpful guide for you Josy! I wish you a wonderful stay in the city with your family next time you come back. Would love to hear how you liked these vegetarian restaurants!

    1. that´s exactly what I thought! I love the idea of sushi but usually all I get to order is Avocado Maki. Not that there is anything with that but a whole sushi bar filled with vegetarian Sushi really made Barcelona even more perfect 🙂

  3. I’m not a vegetarian BUT I’ve been to some awesome vegan restaurants that blow regular ones out of the water. I also find that in Europe it’s harder to come by vegetarian options so this is such a useful guide.

    1. totally agree with you, especially in Barcelona. There is meat everywhere! It took me a long time to find dishes and restaurants I can enjoy as a vegetarian, so I am happy you think this is a useful guide!

  4. All look yummy, I’m not a vegetarian but sometimes go veggie as my body craves all the goodness. Would definitely stop by one of these when I’m next in Barcelona – Teresa Carles sounds like my kinda place.

    1. You´re going to love it! I´ve been there with several meat eaters who all said they were impressed that vegetarian food can taste so good 🙂 Hope you have a great time when you´re next in Barcelona!

  5. The food in Barcelona is amazing, although I didn’t look for any vegetarian specific options. Have you been to La Boqueria market?

    1. La Boqueria is super popular and the variety is unmatched around here. However, it´s a little to crowded for my taste. But I am sure anybody would find something to eat there that they like!

  6. I haven’t been to Barcelona yet, but this list will come very handy if I specifically crave some fresh vegetarian dishes. I’ll also be looking for some Spanish inspired flavours. A market could also be a place that offers many yummy vegetarian options.

  7. We are going to Barcelona later this year and I will definitely bring this list. Love trying local, healthy great restaurants when visiting new places!

  8. Such a handy guide! I’ll be in Barcelona in the summer and I’ve honestly been a little nervous that I’ll be inundated with non-veg restaurant options, so this will definitely be useful in a few months. Cheers!

  9. I heard amazing things about Flax and Kale when I was in Barcelona but sadly didn’t pay it a visit. I have to say I was guilty of spending too much time eating at La Boqueria and scouting about the best locations for churros. No shame haha.

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